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50 Subscriber Appreciation Giveaway!! – CLOSED

So I’ve reached 50 AMAZING followers and now I can hold my contest… yes it was like pulling teeth for me to wait until 50. I so wanted to jump in early lol. This contest is purely from me and is not endorsed or supplied by Coastal Scents. This is just me, thanking my lovely subscribers; One lucky subscriber will win!

So I decided to keep this pretty simple what you will be getting is the Coastal Scents Smokey Eye Artist Kit which includes:

  • The Gunmetal Smokey Eye brush set
  • The Smokey Palette (which I personally LOVE, I think is a great versatile palette, easy to use and perfect for spring and summer)
  • Reach Mascara

This is open internationally

 (It will be shipped directly from Coastal Scents and they ship worldwide!)

Well here are the rules:
You must follow via GFC (Google Friend Connect)
All other entries are additional but not required.

Fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

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Contest ends May 20th, 2012

Winner announced here

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  • Emer

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  • Floralandbows

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  • Grobanite19galJD4ever

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    Oh and thank you SO MUCH for not asking for a Bloglovin' username!  Whenever I see that on a Rafflecopter form, I just want to say, "Bloglovin' followers are anonymous and THERE ARE NO USERNAMES!"  Sorry, mini-rant there.  But really, I appreciate the fact that you realize it's anonymous 🙂

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