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Virus Insanity Duochrome Eye Shadows

So a little over a month ago I received my samples from Virus Insanity. All of the samples that I purchased were duo-chromatic and they have quite a good selection.  I had 5 samples, I tried to get a variety of colors but I mostly picked cool tones ones. I honestly can’t remember if I had picked a collection or individual shadows.

Their names are:

  • Bad Luck – Lavender color with a blueish-greenish-pinkish reflex
  • Black Cat– plum/navy with purple reflex
  • 13– Light, Soft Pink with silvery-white reflex
  • Step on a Crack – Green with a gold reflex
  • Incubus – Navy Blue with a lighter blue reflex and maybe a hint of something else

I think the color that I like most applied on my arm was Bad Luck but for whatever reason I haven’t gotten it to apply very pigmented yet. All of the other colors apply wonderfully especially the darker colors.

The sample sizes run at about $2.50 and the full are $6.50 for the duo chrome shadows.

In the photo they are swatched over NYX’s Milk as a base and below that you can see what it looks like without a primer or base to help it pop.

In my opinion these colors look best all over the lid and the darker shades fades out with a lighter one. Any other colors I would use with it would be matte.

I love that these samples came in a little container, I can’t tell you how annoying I find those little baggies.


 If you would like to see a tutorial or Eye of the Day look with any of these please let me know and with what color!

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The overall pigmentation of the products was nice, I do wish the Lavender shade had a little more UMPH though it may look better on darker skin tones. I wonder if they would do pressed pans as an additional option. I feel like I waste a lot of product when I use loose pigments. You absolutely want to use these with a base.


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  • Amanda_Val

    They look so gorgeous! I would love to use some loose pigments soon 🙂 never used 'em before! x
    Amanda Val

  • beautybymissl

    These look great and of course I would like to see some tutorials or EOTD posts with these.

  • Starvogue84
  • Colors look great! 😀 I like Bad luck too. I also like the color of 13. 😀

  • Bad Luck is gorgeoussss I just wish it looked good on me. Might just be that I'm too pale lol.

  • I'll have more reviews soon, there are a few places that I purchased loose pigments/shadows from I try to get some use out of them before I decide how I feel. 

  • They really are, I'm going to have to buy a few full sized ones, they aren't all THAT expensive for being duochrome and I have had my heart set on owning some! lol I'll have to do an EOTD then!!

  • Alicia Subirana Bruach

    I love all oth them, they're so sweet 😀

  • Maybe you could try using a primer to make it more pigmented. 😀

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