Tragedy strikes Batman movie goers

So I went to see The Dark Knight Rises last night. The movie was pretty darn good. We went to a marathon so 8 Hours of Batman and I’ll be entirely honest, I can’t take die hard fans lol. I can’t stand when people sitting next to you are saying every line as it comes. Drives me up a wall. So I was upset by that, which ruined it a little for me. But this morning I became very thankful that all I had to worry about was the college students who might love the movies a little bit too much. 

I woke up to a text that said there was a shooting at the Dark Knight Rises movie in Colorado. A college student killed 12 people and wounded countless more some of whom are still fighting to stay alive at this very moment. When these things happen, I remember how short life is, how much I really want to live my life, and enjoy the things I do while I can still do them. I am so sorry and couldn’t begin to understand the pained feelings of the families. I too have lost someone to a pointless shooting it rips you apart. 

I’ll never understand what snaps in a persons mind to do such a horrible thing to another person. I only hope that no more innocent people die. That those who are still alive keep fighting and live on. Unspeakable.

This isn’t a particularly long blog post, just me expressing how I feel on the tragedy. I’m sorry to anyone who has to go through this. My heart goes out to you.

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