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Totally Random Things I Wish I Owned: January Edition 2013

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So sometimes I re-post things, I haven’t purchased but here are some of the items I’m still/newly lusting over.

1. Smashbox Master Class Palette at $59
2. Enchanted Evening Curvy Plus Size Dress in Wine $36.99 at
3. IMAX halford owl pillow $35.06 at
4. Women’s Phosphor Appear Black Crystal Watch with a Black Nylon Bracelet $225 at

5. Contrast Shift Dress $19.80 at
6. Lorac Pro Palette $42.00 at
7. About the Artist Dress $52.99 at
And here are some of Kiara’s wants (So really my wants but she’ll enjoy them too!)
8. Literately search for Dog suitcase beds and you’ll find a ton. FYI they are pretty pricey so if you’re on a budget and you are crafty I encourage you to make your own! (That’s what I will be doing as soon as I find the perfect suitcase for my bedroom) 
9. Fou Fou dog soft spotted owl plushy dog toy $10.11 at
10. Pink Polka dots dog bow tie $19.99 at (probably best to search ebay or google as they don’t stay up long on ebay)

What are some things you have been dreaming of?

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