Celebrating Earth Day with a little life event!

On Saturday (April 20th,2013) my boyfriend and I went to the East Coast Reptile Super Expo in Oaks, Pennsylvania. I know you are probably thinking, Chrissy what does this have to do with your typical Beauty blog?

Well this is not just a product review site, this is a lifeAND beauty blog and let’s be honest there are tons of things in this world that are beauty related not just makeup!

My boyfriend and I decided on purchasing Dart frogs. Yes these are known as the Poisonous Dart Frogs and no, they aren’t actually poisonous. These are captive breed. The ones that are poisonous are wild ones and they are poisonous because of what they eat in the wild. These are houses in a 10 gallon aquarium and kept moist which can hold up to 3 or 4 of them for their entire lives.

I have taken a number of pictures of the two we purchased. All of which are close ups, These guys are just a couple of months old and are super tiny at the moment so these photos were taken at the maximum my camera would zoom in! They are smaller then a dime.

For anyone who is into reptiles or amphibians and lives on the east coast or anywhere for that matter, I would recommend taking a trip to a reptile expo. There are so many species there and if you are in the market to purchase some reptiles this is the BEST way to do so because many are offered at a serious discount or will negotiate on pricing with you. You are ALWAYS better off purchasing a pet from a reputable breeder versus a pet shop. The breeders will give better information and inform you of the best practices when dealing with your new friend.

All in all it was an amazing experience; I think my boyfriend favorite was seeing the Chameleons and they had some there with amazing colors. Personally I enjoyed all of the different types of geckos and I fell in love with a particular type of snake, that I may want to get some day! (Albino Honduran milk snake)

For anyone interested in the specific expo I went to here is a link to the flyer:
Expo Flyer 4-20-2013.pdf  will take you to the google pdf version of the flyer

If anyone has any brilliant name ideas for these little fellas please comment below!

(the blue one has a heart on his back and the green one is very outgoing)

What did you do on Earth Day?

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