JMae’s Soaps & Candles delivers on price and product!

I love finding Gem brands and companies and JMae’s Soaps& Candles has fantastic potential. She offers inexpensive bath treats, lotions and candles which pack a lot of punch and she’s based out of my home state!

I purchased a few of her products about a year ago and I still have some of them, they are almost too cute to use. (Cinnamon Roll was my absolute favorite!) I use them when I visit my boyfriend’s house and it makes his bathroom fill with yummy scents. The smell lingers slightly on the body but not enough for you to notice unless you put your skin right up to your nose. I love that her soaps have goats milk in them because a few years ago I found out how amazing it helped my dry skin issues!
I have a love for smaller personable companies, I always feel like they give you a “part of the family” service experience and JMae’s Soaps & Candles is no exception to this, the customer service is phenomenal.
Newly introduced on the site are bath bombs which are priced at $5.50. From my experience this is on par with many other companies’ prices and comes in over 15 scents. Also Teapot Tarts, Spring Soap and Watermelon Soap are new products added to the site.
The wax cookies and cupcake soaps are probably the most adorable thing ever.
My next two purchases will be the Oatmeal Cinnamon Soap and the Fruit E Loops Soap, I expect them to smell just as amazing as my previous purchases!
You can interact with Jamie through facebook at JCupcakeSoaps or check out her shop jmaes.

What is your favorite JMae product?
(the above photo is from when I originally purchased the items quite a while ago)

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