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PS Beauty & Poppy technology; Have you heard the news?

Ps Beauty is based out of Camden, London, England and is a pretty awesome tool. What they have running now is basically the “foundation perfector” in my opinion. You put in the foundations you’ve  used, what you like and don’t like, skin type and a variety of other attributes and it spits out a number of recommendations for you to purchase. Mine actually popped out Bonjour Foundation (among others) which I’ve actually been meaning to try because it seems good for my skin type. (I did a lot of research to figure this out previous to trying PS Beauty’s technology) had I of just used the PS Beauty my life probably would have been a bit easier. Oh, and their site is gorgeously simple and chic. I love the design!

PS Beauty’s primary mission is to save you money by determining what items are best suited for you and for the average beauty user this cuts out all of the confusion with trying to figure out what would work for you and spending unneeded money on products that don’t work. The recommendation technology that they use is called Poppy which I think is adorable.  Here is what PS Beauty says about Poppy:

Every time you rate a beauty product on the site, Poppy learns what you like and dislike, making your recommendations even more accurate! She even takes into consideration other factors like the latest trends or what your friends are using to make sure you find the absolute best beauty products.
Now don’t think Foundation is the only thing they will help with. The site is currently in their Beta phase and they will be adding tons more to the site so stay tuned for updates!

Kudos to the developers of Poppy in my opinion and while I personally love trying new products on my own and having that trial and error experience, I do know that many of my friends and family would enjoy using this technology. I think this paired with opinionated bloggers can give you fantastic results because you will have the unbiased view from Poppy and the personal feeling and preferences of the bloggers who can tell you in more detail about the specific product you’ve found out might be best for you!

So go give Poppy a try and visit there are even chances to win free prizes for using it! 

Stay tuned to @Crashbeauty ‘s Twitter for new sections of the site (Lets hope for hair next) from PS Beauty.

What do you think of PS Beauty? Will you use it?

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