Blog Workshop conference: monetize your site and better blogger practices [SPONSORED]

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the blog workshop informing everyone about it and that I would be checking out their conference recordings (#TBWC13). I can’t say enough good things I feel like this is a great resource for any blogger and especially new bloggers.

The conference provides details about how to set up your blog design and strategy to financial and legal advice things you MUST know if you plan on making $$ from your blog! Some speakers talk about building your relationships with brands and media and understanding their role in your success while others discuss specific actions like S.E.O. while is vitally important. There is such a variety discussed and it’s amazing that you get to absorb all of this information from one location. I’ve spent a lot of time online searching the best practices for this, that or the other and I was very pleased to have successful bloggers from all over discuss how they made it to help you make it.

The main concern I had going in was I was afraid they were going to say this is the one and only way to be a successful blogger and that’s it. I was afraid that they would remove what makes each blog an individual even among a sea of blogs but I was pleased to see than many if not all of the speakers emphasized in the ideal that you making the blog an extension of yourself. You are getting into blogging because you enjoy it and to remain true to yourself and express your personality through the blog. These are things I whole-heartedly agree with and things I’ve said on my own though it is nice to see my opinions being backed by so many successful, worldly bloggers.

The Blog Workshop also provides an affiliate store plugin called Lela which allows you to easily monetize your site. Basically what it does is it’s a shop where people can purchase things and you the blogger make a commission of the sales. When you sign up they actually make a $5 donation to Wellspring Living and the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children through The Blog Workshop causes

“Wellspring Living’s mission is to confront the issue of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation through awareness, training, and treatment programs for women and girls.”

“Atlanta Day Shelter’s mission is to ease the burden of homelessness for women and children and to assist in establishing self-sufficiency by providing comprehensive education and supportive services in a manner that respects human dignity.”

In this day and age, most places do some type of donation and charity as they should. I think giving back to the community is a huge priority; without the community you have nothing.

You can check out their workshop schedule here. The next workshop is “Blogging Laws You should Know” on July 24th, 2013 with speaker Sara Hawkins. As I’ve mentioned blogging laws are extremely important and I encourage everyone to look up their local laws regarding blogs and their financial responsibilities. You’d be surprised at what you didn’t know.

So many speakers with their amazing words of wisdom!  P.S. Rafflecopter was a sponsor among many others but I love Rafflecopter. No more pulling names out of a hat for me!

This was a fantastic opportunity and I can’t thank The Blog Workshop enough for including me in it! I still suggest they use more eye friendly RGB colors for their site but the content is well worth it even with my O.C.D. color coding. Haha.
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