You are Beautiful & Dove’s Sketch Video; Realizing advertisements do not define you

I know that this was released in April but I just seen the Dove sketch video and it literately made me tear up. The primary basis of this website, CrashBeauty, is to find the beauty and bring out the beauty in everything. That is my purpose and my ultimate goal.
How ever I can make someone smile; help them by reviewing a product that may help their skin feel better or help them show their personality or happiness to others through fashion, beauty or design I strive to do so. I know what its like to be down on yourself and I know how hard it is and how long it takes to build yourself up. Make the conscious decision to believe in yourself and others will see your beauty too.

It makes me so sad to see this video and at the same time reinforces my need to keep writing. You are beautiful.  While there are many things wrong with this video on marketing towards feminism the purpose and message that we judge ourselves harder than others do is very evident.

Lets hope this is the start of breaking away from advertisements with the “perfect” or “ideal” models and actresses. Lets hope this is a stop to the pressures advertisement puts on women. 

Would it open your eyes to see yourself as someone else sees you?
What advice would you give someone if you heard him or her being hard on their self?  

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