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Camo Crush; incorporating fatigue style trending patterns

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Trends come and go, but camo chic is here to stay.  Once reserved only for those serving in the armed forces, camo has now made its mark on the fashion world, covering everything from flats to hats. With the rapidly dropping temperatures that envelope the fall and winter months, fatigue fans can rejoice knowing that designers have a plethora of seasonally appropriate pieces.  You can choose to invest in a single piece—like maybe a sweet pair of printed skinnies—or you can dive right in and purchase a few patterned accessories.  

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Grabbing a jacket in the cooler months is not only a must, but it is an open door to incorporate some pop into your cold-weather wear.  A light-weight anorak or blazer is perfect for mornings when it’s brisk, but not frigid.  To complete a laid-back look, pair the anorak with a white sweater, pleather leggings, and ankle-booties.  

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For a night out, layer the blazer with a tank that is emblazoned with a witty word or phrase, and a skirt in a solid (but bold) color.  If it’s especially chilly, tights are everywhere this season, and are an excellent layering option.

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Lovethe attitude in this tank from Singer22

Camo bottoms (shorts, skirts, skinnies, etc.) are possibly the most versatile incorporation of the trend into your existing wardrobe.  Since the fatigue pattern usually incorporates a variety of neutral tones, it is a piece of cake to create and accessorize outfits based around this color palate.  A blush toned top with a black jacket, camo leggings, and ballet flats compose a flattering, office-friendly look.  A grey top paired with shorts, black tights, ankle booties, and an infinity scarf create the perfect weekend ensemble.  The key to the longevity of these pieces lies within their ability to be used across seasons and situations.  Camo bottoms can be dressed and layered up or down, depending on your needs. 

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If you’re considering dipping your toes into the camo trend (rather than diving in head-first) I encourage you to embrace an accessory (or three!).  A hat or beanie with a bit of the print will provide a subtle hint of the trend that can be coupled with multiple outfits and venues.  Additionally, printed scarves, tights, gloves, and belts are all avenues that will allow you to explore the fatigue style without jarring your existing collection. 

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Courtesy of Singer22

Feet need fatigues, too!  And so, in light of exploring the trend head-to-toe, it’s only appropriate that you show your feet some camo love.  From sneakers to boots, there is something for every tootsie out there.  Printed shoes in this pattern will usually go with almost anything because the tones are neutral.  Pair them with anything in your closet for a new take on a seasoned look.  White pants with ballet flats make a simple, sweet pairing, while black leather leggings with mid-calf boots exude more of a punk-rock vibe. 

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 The key to rocking this trend is to embrace it and make it your own.  

Do you think you’ll let your crush on camo keep you warm this season? 

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