Controversy sparks change, empower yourself; Be an individual

Edward Scissorhands conformist neighborhood 
I’ve been reading blogs for years now and something I notice from a lot of blogs is the lack of controversy in many of them. While I don’t have anything against an upbeat blog I really think it distorts our perception of the blogger.  Their life isn’t perfect no matter how perfect they make it out to seem.  Many of us have multiple jobs; a few lucky ones get to become full-time bloggers but a lot struggle with income. Partially this is because bloggers are still undervalued. Partly because, even as a massive group and a consumer driven group we still let other control us. We let them tell us that our articles aren’t worth payment but exposure. [Check out MiniPenny’s article to find out what I’m talking about.]
While my blog was never purposely created for controversial topics I have a burning desire to make my opinions known regardless of any backfire it may produce. I choose to support companies to the best of my knowledge that are ethical and moral (and preferably making efforts towards improving life). I am picky about what brands and people I allow to post content on my blog. I want it done on my own terms and I refuse to let someone push me around. Plus why would you want to be in a business partnership like that because that’s what it is every time a company approaches you. You’re forming a partnership for however short or long the duration may be.


I want women to know they CAN be their own boss. I want them to know that if they want it bad enough they can achieve the success they desire. (Unless you are tone deaf and want to be a singer, I’m not sure how much we can help you there…) We live in a patriarchal society and without even noticing you allow yourself to be second. To move over for someone else, to not feel good enough and if no one else will tell you how beautifully amazing you are I will be there to remind you.
I know what it’s like to not feel supported and I am here for you. We need to stand together and work towards better standards for bloggers, for change.
Edward Scissorhands enriching the neighborhood
Controversy sparks change. So let’s be controversial.  Create engaging content that challenges your readers, your peers and your “superiors”.  Let people know that you are real and not another person just spitting out what companies are telling you to say. I wonder if this is why I am drawn more to lifestyle or politically driven blogs. I want a feeling of realness, of adversity, of defiance and change.

What will I write about? Seriously I have no idea. But when I’m pissed off about something you’ll probably know about it.

Empower yourself, respect yourself and write about whatever your heart desires not because someone told you to write it.

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