New Years Resolution 2014 and Tips to achieve your goals

I didn’t intend on writing this as I’m sure most bloggers have already covered the topic but here’s a slight twist. Some tips to keep your New Years Resolutions attainable! 

Let’s be real, my list is longer than this and includes an action plan for each goal and a way to achieve each goal. I’m a planner. (I am putting those project management skills to good use.)

Here are a few tips for your own New Year Resolutions

  • Prioritize the goals into which ones are most important to you.
  • Create a tangible, possible plan to achieve each goal
  • Break it down into smaller parts and celebrate the milestones (small part #1 achieved. YAY! On to #2.)
  • Enjoy the process
  • For bigger resolutions have support or a resolution buddy to motivate you. (Don’t forget the best motivation is your own!)
What are some resolutions you have for 2014?

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