Valentine’s Experiment with Bright Eyeliner

So I’m well aware that contrary to my every day wear people like to occasionally wear brights. They are fun, they are experimental and let’s be honest, who cares what others think if you feel awesome in it, rock it!
I’m going to do something different, instead of listing the actual products I’m going to list the type of product so you can adjust it to what you have in your own makeup stash.
  1. Prime the eyes
  2. Use a natural light brown (or adjust to your skin)
  3. Use a shade lighter than your skin on the lid
  4. Line your eye with a white base (or pink if you own one) make it wider than what you would normally line your eye with a gel or liquid liner
  5. Put your black (preferably matte) eyeliner on. Try to make a nice crisp line.
  6. Then use your favorite pink eyeshadow and place it on the remaining white base
  7. Use a black pencil to line the lower lash line (you can also line the waterline or use a nude liner to open the eyes) smudge out the liner to give it a more soft appearance
  8. Apply a light or pearly shade in the inner eye to brighten the look
  9. Curl and apply mascara as normal
  10. Use a qtip to correct any mistakes

Stay tuned tomorrow for another V-day look!

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  • when you look back and hate a look you did 😀