Friday’s Favorite Finds #3

Here’s a shot of model Dominique Davidson with makeup art by my Canadian friend, photographer and makeup artist Cynthia Laroche for the Make Art Runway Show. Absolutely gorgeous work!
I loved the experience at the Demi Lovato be radiant in Neon Lights Tour. (Check out my recap)
I’m totally interested in creating this keepsake box. I have tons of ticket stubs I save so having something like this to put them it would be epic!
The excitement I have for going to the Wolf Sanctuary in Pennsylvania for the full moon Tour on March 15/16 is indescribable. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have any very good wolf photos since it seems that the gates are wired but hopefully I can get some photos of the surroundings as well as our stay at the Speedwell Forge B&B. I intend on taking some video that may make an appearance on Crashbeauty vlog (if I can ever get over feeling awkward doing it). I’m so excited to share this with you! Lets hope I kick this cold by then.

What are you loving this Friday?

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