Excited for the new Chapter: Change

Hey all,

Boy have things been changing around here. I’m in my second to last class of University and super excited about getting my Bachelors of Science degree in IT Programming and application development. (Seriously through the roof excited.) I’m even more excited that I was able to land a job as a software developer prior to graduation which means by the time I graduate I will have almost a year under my belt. The intense program that I went to which started with 12 weeks and ended up being almost 6 months was one of the most life altering events. Not only was I able to grow with 23 other amazingly talented women, I watched myself grow into a more confident woman and stretched myself to limits I never could have imagined.
So now having completed my training I’m excited to move in to the next step. I’ll likely be getting use to the new routines for a little while but after that time has elapsed I’ll be blogging more! By the end of the 2014-2015 school year I should be back full force as I will no longer have school to worry about. I’m so excited for the next chapter of my life to begin and even more excited to bring you all along for the ride.

Lately I’ve had some fun makeup and work fashion purchases as I’ve been building up my more professional attire so I may have a professional for the plus-size series. 

Here’s to change!

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