set of spectrum cosmetic brushes with pink handle and blue bristles

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Spectrum brilliantly bright synthetic makeup brushes

Spectrum brilliantly fun, bright brushes are absolutely gorgeous and functional. I specifically chose brushes I either use a heck of a lot or ones which I didn’t have in my collection. Recently I’ve seen a number of fun colored brushes but often the case is that they are very cheaply made so imagine my surprise when I heard about spectrum brilliantly bright brushes that were also of good quality I had to give them a try.

My first impression of these brushes was the insanely plastic smell that came from the plastic bag they were kept in. While the bag is very adorable (reminds me of the same kind of plastic my blow up couch was made from when I was young) I don’t think it is the best option for storing brushes. The smell took 2 weeks to completely dissipate from the brushes. However after just a few hours the really strong smell was significantly reduced.

I was impressed at how soft the synthetic bristles were. They reminded me of how my Sigma bunny brushes and my Nanshy brushes feel which I was quite pleased with. The weight of the brush feels very nice and the feral of the brush is very secure. When examining the handle I feel like the details are labeled on the brush rather than etched and if this is the case then they will likely eventually rub off, but I can’t confirm this as of yet since it feels very shallow if it is etched.

If you are a UK resident these brushes are even more bang for your buck since your shipping will be significantly less then U.S. folks.




      A15 – GET YOUR POUT OUT (now A20)




      B02 – WELL ROUNDED




      C01 – #NO. 1 FAN





I’ll be updating this post in a few months on how they stand up to washes and prolonged use.



What do you think of Spectrum brushes or other brightly colored synthetic brushes?

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