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How I’ll own my New Year resolution

So you have a new years resolution?

Yeah me too, every year I come up with some resolution. Most of the time I don’t really put much thought into how I plan to really accomplish the goal or I set something so simple not much thought needs to go into it. But how is do these resolutions really benefit me? For the most part they don’t change much, so this year I went all out.

I set a truly challenging goal for myself this year in order to really live my life the way I want to. I want to travel. I’ve got destinations in mind, and some of those destinations involve hiking, lets be honest there is no way in hell I can go hiking tomorrow. I can barely walk 10 minutes without my back screaming at me in pain. But maybe after a few months I’ll be able to go on long walks, then progress on from there.

I recently got engaged and while having a wedding wasn’t something I thought about much, it is now a very real thing for me. I want to be able to dance all night, pain free and I’m determined to do so. So here is how I plan to make my dream a reality.

My resolution

Here’s how I’m going to own my new years resolution. I’ve set some pretty big weight-loss goals for myself. My new year resolution for 2017 is to lose at minimum 80 pounds by January 1st, 2018. Overall my goal is to lose 150 pounds by end of 2019. This is not just about losing the weight but it will also be about eating better, living healthier and bringing myself back to an active lifestyle.

For the first time in my life I weight in over 300 pounds and I can’t begin to explain how bad my body is hating me for it. I’m not just overweight anymore, I’m unhealthy due to eating habits and minimum exercising. I kept avoiding exercising because it was painful and this avoidance lead to even worse eating habits. I became a permeant couch potato.


  1. Enjoy wedding day and party, pain free
  2. Travel world and hike
  3. Get to a place where I can start taking kick-boxing classes again as well as ice skate pain free

How i’ll own my goal and start my path

a cobblestone grassy path which represents my path or journey towards my resolution

The key for me here is small incremental steps while gaining knowledge and seeking professional assistance when needed. Throughout this process I will be working with my doctor, a health coach and occasionally a trainer to focus on the physical therapy aspect.

Stage 1 – Get out of the 300 club.

In order for me to be successful in my ultimate weight loss journey, I need to correct my behavior and unlearn bad habits replacing them with good habits. I’ll need to fully understand WHY I’ve done certain things related to food. I understand it to a degree but based on my eating habits I really think working with a health coach will help me in aspects I haven’t experienced in my life. My problem isn’t just eating healthier, its also eating appropriately. I’ve gone most of my life eating only once or twice a day. Physical therapy will be very important during this time. My treadmill will be my best friend throughout this stage as well as low impact routines.

I’m also concerned about how my depression and anxiety will play into this stage. I am hoping that the more exercise I do the less depression/anxiety episodes I’ll experience but that may really be a day to day case.

I’ve also set milestones for myself. I expect to lose roughly 20 pounds every three months. This may not happen as quickly at the start due to physical limitations, but I’m hopeful.

Stage 2 – refine eating habits, do more intensive exercise routines

I will continue to work with a health coach and begin adding P90 back to my exercise routine. If this is a success I will add a few alternatives to keep me interested including dance routines at home. The weather outside should be milder at this point and throughout the seasons I will be able to do some mild hiking, lots of outdoor walking and then swimming during the summer months.

Stage 3 – confident enough to utilize the gym weightlifting equipment

At this stage my body should have more energy and my muscles are getting use to the stress, I’m hoping I’ve been able to build up my back muscles as well as lose enough weight to alleviate back pain in order for me to consistently challenge myself at this stage.

SUpport & Accountability

sister supporting sibiling with an arm around younger sibling walking down a road

I haven’t decided if I’m going to do any Instagram videos or not. I expect the first 100 days to be rather rough for me but I have joined a facebook support group as well as an obesity support group. I’ve also installed the spark people and spark recipe apps on my phone since these will connect with my fitbit. I really like the tracking aspect that I typically never use to like. Being able to see how active I was for a particular day and what I ate it should help me understand why certain days or weeks are more successful then others. I will also be doing a weekly weight-in.

If you have any recommendation for all in one apps that would be great. I chose sparkpeople since it also has a forums.


What’s your plan?

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