CrashBeauty launched as a personal beauty blog in 2012. It has since expanded to a focus on all the beauty this world has to offer in all its individuality and uniqueness. CrashBeauty is a creative outlet for beauty which includes in-depth honest reviews, my personal life experience, design, awareness of the local relevant culture, favorite styles all while showcases the beauty life through photography, nature, emotion and more.

About the Editor

A blogger, software developer, caring, kind, cosmetic obsessed, plus size style loving, novice gamer, animal lover, classy, techie, knowledge seeking lady.

Hey guys and gals, I’m Chrissy!

I am a developer and a blogger who has recently moved out of the city of brotherly love (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) to Downingtown, Pennsylvania in order to experience a quieter, more personal side of life. I enjoy blogging about beauty in all its forms and share tid bits from my life. I’m a pretty shy person if you meet me in person I’m totally socially awkward. One of my biggest personal goals currently is surrounding myself with positivity, inspiration and motivation.

I am essentially obsessed with makeup and technology. A good book is always preferred over tv. I love going to the movie theater or a drive-in theater in the summer. Although I’ve moved out of the city I still enjoy concerts, events, plays etc. I’ll never stop loving city life but it is really nice to have some grass under my feet. I’m working on getting my drivers license, which I find terrifying (not my driving but other people). I plan on taking road trips and sharing them with you guys. If we were in target I’m guaranteed to stop in the dollar section for paper products. I have an affinity for stationary and office supplies.

I adore taking photos of nature and animals in fact I have two adorable pets, a sheltie named Kiara and a hedgehog named Einspine.

I have an eclectic style that really depends on my mood;

I’m in love with 1920’s style but also love urban clothes. ModCloth seems to have a good mash-up of my style preferences. Typically for the last year or so my fingernails are practically never painted. It seems that my constant typing does not agree with having painted nails, including gel nails. I never get more than a day out of my nails without chipping or peeling. Because of this my toes are always painted, have to get some color in there somewhere lol.

Inspired by a world of beauty, memorized in all its uniquely beautiful differences.

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